Climate FieldView™ does the listening so you can get the most out of every acre.
You know your fields – Climate FieldView is your data partner to support the decisions you make every day. Simplify field data management. Use digital maps to better analyze seed performance. Get notifications on your mobile device about changing conditions in your fields so you can plan your day efficiently.
Get Your Data
In One Place

Make field data management simple with Climate FieldView. Collect, store, and view your field data in one easy-to-use digital platform that you can access from the field, office, or home.

Use Data to Make Operating Decisions

Instantly visualize and analyze crop performance with imagery and field data maps so you can make the best input decisions for your fields.

Prioritize for
Maximum Efficiency

See field conditions across your entire operation – from anywhere you have internet access. Climate FieldView provides you with field-level weather data, notifications and scouting tools so you can make timely operational decisions no matter where you are.

Get a more complete picture of your operation.
Seamless connectivity for a deeper understanding of your fields.
See digitally displayed data in real-time to identify problems and take quick action to solve them.
Access easy-to-use digital maps to help compare critical farm data layers and understand yield-limiting factors.
Get a more complete picture of your operation.
Use Bluetooth® to see your field maps build in real-time and easily transfer data to your account.*
Simply installs into the CAN Diagnostic port and currently compatible with many tractors and combines.

*Requires a Climate FieldView Plus account

Simple tools for efficient time management.
Plan your day more efficiently with accurate weather reports.
View historical, real-time, and forecasted weather.
Analyze weather trends to help make informed production decisions.
Decide which fields are workable based on precipitation and wind speed.
Make operational decisions using Future Radar.
Keep an eye on changing conditions with automatic notifications.
Start every day with an email report of 24-hour precipitation total.
Receive a text notification when hail is detected in a field.
Climate FieldView
Product Features
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Data Inbox
Scouting/Activity Tracking/Sharing
Field-Specific Weather  
In-Cab Mapping, Digital Mapbook and Remote View  
Field Health Advisor  
Analysis Tools  

Start making data-driven decisions today