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Getting the Most from Your Harvest Data

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Using FieldView™ Year Round

Using FieldView Year Round

No matter what time of year, FieldView™ is ready to give you the insights you need every step of the way to maximize the effectiveness of your data. Here are just a few examples of how FieldView™ can support you throughout the year.

Getting Your Data Into FieldView™

Getting Your Data Into FieldView

FieldView™ makes it simple to gather and upload your data to one easy to access place.

Data Collection & Privacy

Data Collection & Privacy

We don’t sell or share your data with anyone. Period.

Getting Clear Field Insights

Use field health imagery to get the full picture on what’s going on in your fields.


Use our in app weather tools for help in deciding which field to head to with field level weather


Keep track of exactly what’s going on in your fields to help with in-season decision making.

Scripting: Crop Protection, Seed, & Fertility

Quickly and easily create custom prescriptions to ensure you’re putting the right inputs in the right places.

Understanding Your Yield

Our Yield Analysis tools let you understand the story of your season crop by crop, field by field, and zone by zone.


Get the full story on your year with detailed planting, application, harvest and season summaries.

The Importance of Data Management

Find out how FieldView™ helps you manage your farm’s data to help you make the right decisions season after season.

Data Collection & Privacy

Data Collection & Privacy

We know you care about how your data is used. And we do, too. That’s why when you use FieldView™, you can feel confident that our commitment to data privacy ensures that you own your data, we do not sell your data, and you control how your data is shared.

The Climate Corporation is proud to be a certified Ag Data Transparent company. More information can be found here.

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