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Offer expires March 23, 2018

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From February 20, 2018 until March 23, 2018, new users can purchase Climate FieldView in Canada, risk-free! To take advantage of this offer, create an account or sign into your account, purchase Climate FieldView by clicking buy now, or contact your dealer, and use it on your farm this spring.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have fields mapped and have tried our platform features and you are not completely satisfied with the Climate Fieldview platform, you can get a full refund once the equipment is returned and you call us before May 31, 2018*.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive the Climate FieldView benefits that help you get your data in one place, use data to make operating decisions and optimize your inputs.

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Step 4: Add payment details, billing/shipping info, and then click “Place Order”

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*Terms and conditions apply: Offer expires March 23, 2018. Full refunds on software and hardware will be given until May 31, 2018. Refunds will not be released until hardware is returned.