FieldView Cab Chats — Episode 6: Troy and Luke

August 19, 2021

Woman in a tractor having a conversation over the phone.

Put on your work boots and hoist yourself, (figuratively speaking), up into the cab for another edition of Cab Chats. In this series, we hear from the experts—real working farmers—to learn how innovative Climate FieldView technology is helping them maximize yields and modernize the business of farming.

For our latest installment, Climate FieldView’s Troy Prosofsky caught up with central Saskatchewan farmer, Luke Ringdal, to hear how features like field-mapping and AB line sharing are helping his family grow crops like wheat, lentils and canola.

Tune in as they chat about:

  • Climate FieldView features that made a big difference this past spring
  • Making decisions for Fall with Field Health Imagery
  • How Line Sharing helped them streamline their combining technique

OK, let’s get into it. Press play and hear how Climate FieldView is making a difference on this multi-generational family operation.