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Ready, Set, Drive: Getting Your Climate FieldView™ Account Ready For Spring Planting

by Denise Hockaday, Climate Business Lead

April 5, 2017

Spring planting is almost here. Do you have your Climate FieldView™ account set up and ready to hit the fields? FieldView™ will help you get your data in one place, uncover valuable field insights and optimize your inputs, to support the decisions you make every day throughout the growing season. Here is some helpful information to make sure you have a productive spring – and beyond.

Connect in real-time.

Climate FieldView™ offers many options to collect, view, and store your current and historic field data. The Climate FieldView™ Cab app for iPad® devices allows you to collect and understand field data through detailed maps and reports. These maps sync between all of the iPad® devices on your account and RemoteView allows you to follow the real-time progress of any planter or combine in the field. As you prepare your planter for spring, remember to set up your equipment in the Climate FieldView™ Cab app to ensure seamless and accurate data collection.

Climate FieldView™ Cab App Equipment Overview

The Climate FieldView™ Drive allows you to see your field maps being generated in real-time and easily transfer that data to your account. The FieldView™ Drive is simple to install and is currently compatible with many tractors and combines. Field data connectivity is also enabled through Precision Planting 20/20 SeedSense™ monitors or John Deere Wireless Data Server (WDS) technology in the cab.

Climate FieldView™ Drive Overview And Installation

Map your fields and update boundaries.

Entering accurate boundaries now will enable accurate data collection in the field. You can use the Climate FieldView™ website to centrally manage the Field List and Boundaries for your entire operation.

Share critical information.

By effectively gathering your planting data now, you can use it in many important ways throughout the year. Help your agronomic partners get the data they need to provide you with recommendations tailored to your operation. You can easily generate and send reports. You can also share your unique field data from your entire operation with your agronomic partners so they can help you make confident decisions throughout the growing season.

As you get set up for spring planting, remember that help with your Climate FieldView™ account is always nearby. If you have any questions, please contact your Climate FieldView representative, the Climate Support Team at (888) 924-7475, or support@climate.com.