Wet Weather At Planting Another Variable In The Mix for Ontario Crop Farmers

by The Climate Team

May 10, 2017

Higher-than-normal precipitation this spring has led to much wetter-than-normal soil conditions in Southwestern Ontario causing planting delays or interruptions for some farmers.

The wet, cold period over the past two weeks has decreased soil temperatures in the area, compared to the yearly average. Parts of Ontario are seeing temperatures well below normal, while other areas are seeing temperatures near normal. Monitoring field level weather with Climate FieldView can help you prioritize which fields to check first for the ability to plant.

How can these varying conditions affect farmers during planting season? Some farmers have already planted and are concerned about what this wet weather means to their crops in the ground, while others are experiencing planting delays as they wait for drier field conditions. In addition, this variability in the weather can affect nitrogen carryover from the fall or early season applications. Leaching, the loss of soluble minerals and inputs, and volatilization, input loss from emissions into the air, can occur in soils that are exposed to warm weather and excessive rainfall. These losses can reduce the amount of available nitrogen throughout the growing season.

How Can You Adapt To Abnormal Weather Patterns?

Be aware - and be prepared. No matter where you farm, the weather can change quickly and staying up-to-date with weather variabilities and their potential effects can help you to better manage your fields and inputs during the year. As a Climate FieldView subscriber, you have access to valuable resources, including:

Climate FieldView™ Rainfall Reports – Field-level rainfall estimates ensure you have more information to make short-term decisions, like if a field is workable on a specific day. We continue to look for opportunities to bring you the most precise and reliable weather service. Historical weather will be available soon in Climate FieldView for you to view season-to-date rainfall as well as 10-year comparisons.

Due to abnormal weather conditions, spring planting is starting out as a challenge for many Ontario farmers. Stay on top of these ever-changing weather patterns and what it means to your fields by utilizing Climate FieldView monitoring tools and resources.

If you have any questions or require assistance with your Climate FieldView account please contact us at support@climate.com or 1.888.924.7475.