Your Farm. Your Data.

April 29, 2021

Image icons representing privacy and data protection with Climate FieldView.

There’s nothing more important to us than ensuring your farm’s data is as safe as possible and owned by you.

Our unwavering commitment to your privacy means you can always feel good about using FieldView™ to help you make the right decisions for your farm. Because we made the right decision to keep your data yours. With that being said, we know you might have questions about how the information we collect is used. That’s why we developed our commitment to data privacy.

For a more detailed rundown on how and why we handle your data, check out our new Data Privacy page.

Or if you want to get a quick summary, we’ve included this handy FAQ of the four questions we hear most.

  1. How you can control your information
  2. Why we collect your information
  3. What information we collect about you
  4. How we share your information