5 ways FieldView™ can streamline your season

July 1, 2021

A Canadian farmer holding a tablet PC, looking into the field

No one ever said farm life was relaxing, right? Especially when a new season cranks up with the rush to plant, spray, you name it. Well, even if it can’t be relaxing, at the very least farming should be rewarding, right? (Here’s where Climate FieldView comes in.)

To help you stay on top of field and crop conditions that can make your hard work pay off, we’ve compiled a list of five ways FieldView can help focus your efforts throughout the season. And hey, if these tips save you a bit of time in the field so you can spend more time relaxing with friends and family, all the better.

1. Keep on top of yield threats

No one wants to see their crop suffer. Thankfully, FieldView’s field health imagery can help you keep track of in-season crop health with features like vegetation, scouting and true colour maps. These maps give you an easy-to-read colour index to help you figure out which areas of the field need attention, so you can focus your efforts there.

FieldView also lets you import and review partner drone imagery to keep all field info in one place. Then, use all the above info to create customized field region reports to keep an eye on zones of concern, like areas with delayed emergence.

2. Track field conditions to determine application timing

A great crop comes down to good timing. FieldView can help you monitor crop progress via our field health imagery grid view. How? By sorting out your fields by biomass levels. The app also lets you view conditions like wind speed, rain levels, etc., letting you use the weather data to figure out when and when not to spray.

3. Spray reporting

Thanks to the ability to easily share as-applied and static-rate maps with your trusted advisor, with FieldView building PDF reports for everything from cost-splitting to compliance is a breeze. To make it even easier, FieldView also lets you share the info via email or text. Looking to run an application trial? They’ve got you covered there also.

4. Facilitate sharing with your scouting team

Goodbye guesswork, hello precision GPS coordinates. FieldView simplifies scouting by letting you share exact field locations and dropping pins your teams can use to determine exactly when to spray, and where. The app also lets you control who has access to your account and what can be shared. Win/win.

5. Track weather field by field

Finally, FieldView’s built-in radar capabilities mean you can monitor and compare weather forecasts, season-to-date rainfall averages and 10-year weather history, all with a few taps.

And there you have it. Five ways Climate FieldView can simplify and streamline your farming operations all season long. Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time to kick your feet up and watch the sun go down over the back 40. You deserve it.